portrait of Devon Turnbull (Ojas)

Devon Turnbull (Ojas)

Hi-Fi Builder

Devon Turnbull, founder of design brand Ojas, blends sound and style in his latest collaboration with Saturdays, which marks the one-year anniversary of the Saturdays NYC in Kobe. A longtime friend of Saturdays, Turnbull honed his skills in art and design as the Design Director and Co-Founder of Nom De Guerre, a New York-based research and design organization. His career prompted a number of trips to Japan where he witnessed the uncompromising devotion paid to audio electronic design. Turnbull began using the methods he learned in Japan to build audio systems, including turntables and speakers.

When building the speakers in Brooklyn for the Saturdays NYC stores, Turnbull referenced the design principles of mid-19th-century Japanese speakers that he learned while abroad. The designer built the speakers using all refurbished Altec Lansing components, which haven't been produced for about 20 years. This process has enabled him to combine his educational background in audio engineering with his notable career as a product designer. Through his recent collaboration with Saturdays NYC, which debuted in May and includes two printed t-shirts, a pair of black utilitarian desert boots, a speaker-imprinted poster, and a leather turntable mat, Turnbull has been able to merge the audio and design realms once again.

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