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  • Hayden Shapes 6'0
  • Hayden Shapes 6'0
  • Hayden Shapes 6'0
  • Hayden Shapes 6'0

Hayden Shapes 6'0" Black Noiz

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Hayden Shapes 6'0

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6'0" Black Noiz

Round pin


Future fins


From the shaper: "Black Noiz is a performance shortboard designed to give the surfer all the control and hold when the waves get serious but still be on your shortboard. Developed throughout 2015 with Craig Anderson on his trips around the bottom end of Australia and Indonesia, Black Noiz has been Craig’s go to shortboard ridden with the rounded pin tail. It has a smooth, connected and controlled feeling when riding it, with reliability when tackling some of the more serious waves. The rounded pin tail lends the board to fitting tight in the pocket yet also draw some clean open face carves."